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Racing Programme and Results

Full access to the calendar is available via the Home Page. The News Page provides advance information, as provided by the clubs ahead of the season.

As no overall Clyde Championship Series is currently in operation, NOR, Entry Form, Sailing Instructions and Results should be viewed via the appropriate club websites.

Race Management

Clyde Estuary racing happens primarily within the jurisdiction of PeelPorts Clydeport (south to an east/west line at approximately the south of Brodick Bay), with areas in Loch Long and off Helensburgh further falling within the King's Harbour which is associated with naval shore installations.

It is therefore essential that Race Committees and Competitors acquaint themselves with the obligations associated with these authorities.

1. Notices to Mariners

NTMs issued as required and promulgated via marina offices and the PeelPorts Clydeport website. Particular attention is drawn to the "Narrow Channels" regulations. Shipping channels in the Upper Firth are defined as Narrow Channels and commercial vessels underway have right-of-way.

For additional information affecting King's Harbour waters off Helensburgh and in the Gareloch and Loch Long, Clyde Warning Messages (CWMs) are made available via the KHM website.

2. Agreements on Racing Marks and Race Management

The Association has agreements with Clydeport, KHM, and Crown Estate regarding "Good Practice" on racing marks. The following principles must be adhered to:

    • navigation buoys are for navigation, and courses must in particular not be laid using Safe Water / Middle Ground buoys as rounding marks

    • courses should not be laid such that navigation channels have to crossed excessively, or raced within

    • laid marks should not be laid just across a navigation channel such that yachts might "bunch" around a mark adjacent to a channel

    • clubs' seasonally-laid racing marks must be cleared with Clydeport/KHM via the process established by the Association

    • day-racing marks (regatta marks) and Committee Vessels must not be positioned within navigation channels

    • while the Association will provide regatta and club racing schedules to Clydeport and KHM, Estuary Control (0151-949-6651) and Faslane Duty Ops (01436-674321 ext 3555 during office hours, including weekends, or ext 4005 out of office hours) if within the King's Harbour must be contacted by Race Officers to determine whether planned movements might cause problems. Any problems encountered using the out-of-hours service should be advised to the CYCA office.

      Race Teams may contact Clydeport Ops on VHF Ch 12 and Faslane Ops on Ch 73. Maintaining multi-channel radio watch during racing may be impractical, but calls to Race Teams may be made on Ch 16 or by pre-arranged mobile phone contact. Note that VHF Ch 73 must NOT be used for Race Management.

      Any subsequent difficulties encountered should be reported to the Association office.

3. Safety Standards

Following concerns raised by clubs and competitors at the end of the 2008 season, the Association worked with clubs to come up with a trial guidance document which attempted to set out the options available to Organising Authorities (the clubs), the implications for them and for competitors, and the rationale behind the ISAF Cat 4 regulations which form the backbone of the standards for cruiser/racer events.

As the ISAF standards evolve, the Association considers it impractical and inappropriate to attempt to maintain any parallel recommendations.

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